To provide children’s dentistry in the most safe, comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective manner.


To create standardized centers to revolutionize dental care delivery, by breaking down barriers and improving accessibility to all children in all communities.

CPDS is an innovative and collaborative concept of standardized dental centers that focus SOLELY on IV Sedation Dentistry for Pediatrics.


Our care team consists of licensed Pediatric Dentists, Board Certified Anesthesiologists, and Registered Recovery Nurses who provide quality driven care for children who are (have):

Significant BENEFITS to Parents, Referring Dentists, and Society:

  • Extremely Anxious
  • Fearful
  • Medically Challenged
  • Behaviorally Challenged
  • Failed Other Forms of Sedation
  • Complex & Extensive Treatment Plans
  • Convenient & Standardized Locations
  • Lower Cost and Hassle Than Hospital Setting
  • Non-Competitive Resource for Referring Dentists
  • Completion of Treatment Plans in ONE Visit
  • Less Parental Time Away From Work
  • Happier Children with a more Positive Outlook about Dental Care